We are by design, a boutique agency. Founded in 2002 on the belief that we can be a valuable partner only through total immersion in our clients’ operation, ours is a focused approach, whereby each member of our team fully understands the goal and participates in its attainment. Our methodology implies a different type of time commitment. Based on this, and on our desire to adhere to our boutique business platform, we are limited to a *select group of clients, with whom we foster relationships based on mutual respect, mutual trust, and that ultimately result in mutual success.


At 3-sixty, we provide integrated marketing communications and business advisory services by stepping beyond traditional methods. As our name implies, we practice a 360º approach: developing a consistent representative voice for organizations through comprehensive, “all angles” analyses, to arrive at the appropriate marketing mix.


* We represent clients in various industries, from financial institutions to government entities,to community based organizations, all of which share our values to the extent that they do not participate in commercial activities that are damaging to humans, animals, or the environment.




Integrity, dependability, and quality of service are key promises. And we take these promises seriously because they separate us from strictly-revenue-focused firms. Moreover, they define us. It’s not that we think we’re unique by adhering to these values; it’s that we know there aren’t enough of us out there with long-term relationships in mind who deliver a work product based on this philosophy.


Each of us is here by choice, so if a happy work environment sounds like a 1950s movie, we invite you to visit us and spend some time in our welcoming, relaxed, but productive environment. Our pledge is to deliver candid advice and work within each CLIENT’s marketing budget, recommending the right marketing mix to meet established objectives. Full stop.


We promise to give you…

Our time. Our best ideas. Our commitment to conscientious work.

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